PixelOver 0.12 Mesh deformation

Hello, here a huge update adding 2D mesh deformation ! You can check the detailed features in New features section.

A tutorial is available here for this new feature.

Also PixelOver is in Godot apps & tools showreel 2022 !
There are also showreel for mobile and desktop games, if you want to check more about projects made with Godot.

Steam page

(For Itch.io users you can get get a Steam key on download page)

Roadmap and news

Documentation and tutorials

New features

Mesh deformation for any images and animated images (with native pixel art too).
- Mesh points can be auto generated and edited.
- Mesh can be deformed by adding animation keys on points or by adding attached bones.
- Bones weight on points can be auto generated or manually modified.

Examples are available by downloading PixelOver (even the demo) and a tutorial is available here.
Native file dialog. Added a setting (Interface/Dialog/File dialog) to use the OS file dialog (actived by default).


Improved PixelOver project file structure to compress resources (now it's native resources size) and also prevent saving crashes.
Improved visual tools, added skew grabber and fixed/improved grabbers snap. Also added shadows on grabbers to be more visible.
Added the choice of the targeted version for "save as old version".
Exporting a resource is now executed in parallel to prevent freeze and crash.
Improved track search. Now include all object tracks when searching for an object name.

Bug fixes

Bug Ref
Fixed IK refresh when top chain bone is moved by a parent object. Not reported
Fixed move and duplicate keys when length is greater than 1s. Reported by dm
Fixed sub-resource image preview in input (affecting image frames and dithering patterns). Not reported
Fixed 3D scene image preview in input. Not reported
Fixed resampler issue on native pixel-art. Link
Fixed animation track step for children objects (now step is computed from the current/previous key). Link
Fixed wrong resources when saving project with sprite sheet. Link

New Roadmap

Import rigged 3D models with animations.
Inverse kinematics.

Bone mesh deformation.
Ability to save and load animation.
Tools and objects
Gradient with easing function.
Particles and fluids.
More pixel-art oriented resampler.
Polish line and internal edges.
Importation & Export
Import 3D formats GLTF (FBX and DAE soon).
Import 2D formats Aseprite, PSD.
Export separated layers.
Export different views as normal and depth.
Theme customization.
Lighter project type. To batch pixelates files without any transformation.
Available features but could be improved.
New available features added with this version.

If you see bugs or want to propose features, you can do it at the community, thank you !


PixelOver 0.12 Mac 33 MB
Oct 12, 2022
PixelOver demo 0.12 Mac 33 MB
Oct 12, 2022
PixelOver demo 0.12 Windows 29 MB
Oct 12, 2022
PixelOver demo 0.12 Linux 31 MB
Oct 12, 2022
PixelOver 0.12 Linux 31 MB
Oct 12, 2022
PixelOver 0.12 Windows 29 MB
Oct 12, 2022

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