PixelOver 0.11 Inverse kinematics

Hello, this new release mainly adds inverse kinematics constraint for 2D bones.

Steam page

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Roadmap and news

Documentation and tutorials

New features

Inverse kinematics support for 2D bones. To use it, set constraint of the first bone to inverse kinematics. By default the constraint is set to "from parent", so it will automatically create the chain with child bones.


More precise inputs (needed for IK and parent/child relation generally). Number of decimals displayed can be setup in settings.
improved grabber icons. Added rotation icon and auto rotate scale icon in right direction.
Added fast rotsprite for native pixel art rotation. It can be better than default omniscale algorithm in some cases.

Bug fixes

Bug Ref
Current view export settings now really export the current view instead of the preview one. Link
Auto fix invalid character for file creation during export (instead of error message). Link
Fixed duplication of 3D objects when importing from gltf/glb. (discord dm)
Fixed grouped objects resize stability. (not reported)
Fixed change pivot stability. (not reported)
Fixed crash when modifying key values with different type in animation. (not reported)
Fixed potential crash when loading a shader during animation playing. (not reported)
Now always update links between keys of same value. (not reported)
Fixed custom offset. (not reported)
Fixed paste shortcut sometimes wrongly disabled. (not reported)

New Roadmap

Import rigged 3D models with animations.

Inverse kinematics.
Bone mesh deformation.
Ability to save and load animation.
Tools and objects
Gradient with easing function.
Particles and fluids.
More pixel-art oriented resampler.
Polish line and internal edges.
Importation & Export
Import 3D formats GLTF (FBX and DAE soon).
Import 2D formats Aseprite, PSD.
Export separated layers.
Export different views as normal and depth.
Theme customization.
Lighter project type. To batch pixelates files without any transformation.
Available features but could be improved.
New available features added with this version.

If you see bugs or want to propose features, you can do it at the community, thank you !


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PixelOver demo 0.11 Windows 32 MB
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❤️  Very Amazing work


thank you, I'm very excited waiting for this new feature