PixelOver 0.8.2 Performance improvement

Hello, here an update improving whole software performance.

Also it was the first PixelOver anniversary the December 28 ! PixelOver changed a lot in one year following the roadmap but especially by taking into account the requests of the community. Here a little comparison of the first pre-release vs actual version.

Steam page

(For Itch.io users you can get get a Steam key on download page)

Roadmap and news

Documentation and tutorials

New features

Paste image from clipboard for Windows and Mac users. (should be implemented for Linux users soon)


Improved performance for loading project, adding, deleting and moving objects, zoom.

0.8.1 (lags with 3 bones animation) 0.8.2 (no problem with 5 bones animation)
Added option to use less CPU/GPU. (Not activated by default because it slows down the interface)
Set max size for new project instead of size. Small max size improves performance.

Bug fixes

Bug Ref
Visual desynchronisation of axes and bones.
Importing image with fit canvas checked didn't well resize for each ratio.
Fixed 3D transform and gizmo for skewed basis and not square canvas aspect.
.mtl didn't load from path with spaces.
Crash in specific case when select tracks keys.

Available Main Features

Edit pixelation settings
Pre-adjustment Modulate color, hue, saturation, contrast and gamma.
Generate or import a palette from an image.
Manage palette colors.
Place pixel perfect inline/outline.
Use normal and depth buffer to determine perfect internal lines.
Allow or not transparency and its minimum value.
Set filters and denoising for a smoother or sharper result.
Asset types
Import an image (png, jpeg, ...).
Import images, sprite sheets and animated images (gif).
Import static 3D models (obj, vox, ...).
Import animated 3D models (dae, fbx, ...).
Determine multiple animations for a project (ex for a character: idle, run, ...).
Key animation on pixelation settings (ex: scale up a sprite for a pixel perfect spawning animation).
Directly split sprite sheets in different animations (ex: select on the same sheet, idle frames, running frames, ...).
Export result to images and animated images.
For 3D only, set model angles and other settings with default presets (ex: platformer, Top-down, ...).
Manage canvas and image transform.
Advanced transform, rotation, deformation.
For 3D only, manage camera and lights with default preset (ex: platformer, Top-down, ...).
Scene composition 2D.
Scene composition 3D.
Settings menu. General section, for example, to disable alert messages. Project section to define default values.
available features but could be improved.
New available features added with this version.

If you see bugs or want to propose features, you can do it at the community, thank you !


PixelOver demo 0.8.2 Windows 15 MB
Dec 29, 2021
PixelOver demo 0.8.2 Mac 21 MB
Dec 29, 2021
PixelOver demo 0.8.2 Linux 19 MB
Dec 29, 2021
PixelOver 0.8.2 Windows 15 MB
Dec 29, 2021
PixelOver 0.8.2 Mac 21 MB
Dec 29, 2021
PixelOver 0.8.2 Linux 19 MB
Dec 29, 2021

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Maybe you could update devlog CSS, because on a 4K monitor it takes only 1/6 of the display width in the middle.

I let the default width by itch.io, but I can maybe check that yes, thank you.


Happy Birthday PixelOver ;)

Thank you :D