PixelOver 0.6 Bones and trails

Hello, this release adds bones animation and trail effect.
Let's work on 3D integration now.

Roadmap and news

You can now find tutorials, the first one is to make bones animation.

Documentation and tutorials

New features

Bones animation, with rest pose.
Trails which work with animation system.
Z order, with a panel to easily manage. Also a Z value input for animation.
Inputs for image and animated image. Allowing to replace the resource and set the saving mode (path or path with data)


Palette improvement. Including copy/paste colors and button to create new color.
Animations improvement. Keys stacked and displayed for collapsed object. Loop interpolation on track. Apply modulo on track values.
Global and local transform inputs.
Improvement of interface feedback for drag'n'drop in scene tree.
Improvement of number inputs adding the possibility to enter addition, multiplication, ...
Some display improvements for low GPU.

Bug fixes

Bug Ref
Disabled/collapsed animation tracks weren't well saved. Not reported

Available Main Features

Edit pixelation settings
Pre-adjustment Modulate color, hue, saturation, contrast and gamma.
Generate or import a palette from an image.
Manage palette colors.
Place pixel perfect inline/outline.
Use heightmap (or depth in 3D) to determine perfect internal lines.
Allow or not transparency and its minimum value.
Set filters and denoising for a smoother or sharper result.
Asset types
Import an image (png, jpeg, ...).
Import images, sprite sheets and animated images (gif).
Import animated 3D models (dae, fbx, ...).
Determine multiple animations for a project (ex for a character: idle, run, ...).
Key animation on pixelation settings (ex: scale up a sprite for a pixel perfect spawning animation).
Directly split sprite sheets in different animations (ex: select on the same sheet, idle frames, running frames, ...).
Export result to images and animated images.
For 3D only, set model angles and other settings with default presets (ex: platformer, Top-down, ...).
Manage canvas and image transform.
Advanced transform, rotation, deformation.
For 3D only, manage camera and lights with default preset (ex: platformer, Top-down, ...).
Scene composition 2D.
Scene composition 3D.
Settings menu. General section, for example, to disable alert messages. Project section to define default values.
available features but could be improved.
New available features added with this version.

If you see bugs or want to propose features, you can do it at the community, thank you !


PixelOver demo 0.6 Windows 13 MB
Jul 10, 2021
PixelOver demo 0.6 Mac 19 MB
Jul 10, 2021
PixelOver demo 0.6 Linux 16 MB
Jul 10, 2021
PixelOver 0.6 Mac 19 MB
Jul 10, 2021
PixelOver 0.6 Windows 13 MB
Jul 10, 2021
PixelOver 0.6 Linux 16 MB
Jul 10, 2021

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which software you use to do animations

Mmh, I don't really understand, you mean to split the parts ?

noo i want to know which softaware you use for pixel animation i want to learn make pixel animation too

(3 edits)

I used this software, as it's a devlog for PixelOver a software to make pixel art animation.

But for pixel art animation as other software you can use Aseprite, or if you need bones Spriter can make the job.

(1 edit)

ohhh sorry i don't even notice that this is a software, pardon me for disturbing you....

No problem :)