PixelOver 0.10.2 Usability and fixes

Hello, the last update modified the whole architecture to gain in performance and memory. This update corrects the different regressions and improves usability. (some fixes already applied on sub-version of 0.10.1 as it was critical ones)

Currently working on inverse kinematics integration. Should come soon at next main release.

Steam page

(For Itch.io users you can get get a Steam key on download page)

Roadmap and news

Documentation and tutorials


Added export progress dialog. Show the exact progress and ability to cancel the export.
Display saving files warning (files already exist) and error (no permissions, invalid characters, ...) message before exporting.
Saving a project now uses temporary file. Preventing corrupted project file when the software is stopped during the saving (In any case the software normally wait the end of a saving in the case of a normal stop).
Auto compute UI scale from screen DPI. Added setting to set a custom scale.

Bug fixes

Bug Ref
Fixed a crash when saving. Link
Wrong fps computation when importing animated image from images. Link
Fixed issue with animated image made with multiple images on project loading. Link
Fixed a random crash when changing palette color. Link
Fixed a crash when importing several times multiple images.

New Roadmap

Import rigged 3D models with animations.
Inverse kinematics.
Bone mesh deformation.
Ability to save and load animation.
Tools and objects
Gradient with easing function.
Particles and fluids.
More pixel-art oriented resampler.
Polish line and internal edges.
Importation & Export
Import 3D formats GLTF (FBX and DAE soon).
Import 2D formats Aseprite, PSD.
Export separated layers.
Export different views as normal and depth.
Theme customization.
Lighter project type. To batch pixelates files without any transformation.
Available features but could be improved.
New available features added with this version.

If you see bugs or want to propose features, you can do it at the community, thank you !


PixelOver demo 0.10.2 Mac 35 MB
Jul 09, 2022
PixelOver 0.10.2 Windows 31 MB
Jul 09, 2022
PixelOver 0.10.2 Mac
Jul 09, 2022
PixelOver demo 0.10.2 Windows 31 MB
Jul 09, 2022
PixelOver 0.10.2 Linux
Jul 09, 2022
PixelOver demo 0.10.2 Linux 33 MB
Jul 09, 2022

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