PixelOver 0.8.3 Views and backups

Hello, new update ! Adding views (normal buffer, depth buffer, ...) for export, backup system and a lot of minor improvement. Translation is still in progress and will be added in a future update.
Rigged models animation with GLTF import and more will come in next major update.

Steam page

(For Itch.io users you can get get a Steam key on download page)

Roadmap and news

Documentation and tutorials

New features

Adding several views preview which can be exported. Layers can also be separated and transparent background can be filled with a color for export.
Adding backup system to retrieve files from previous sessions.
3D containers to easily animate. (not for rigged model animation, which will be implemented on 0.9)
Adding polish for edges. It prevents small sub-lines to be displayed.


Improved sprite sheet import. Better visualisation of cells and added setting to choose cells number.
Improved scene tree. Added collapse/uncollapse all button. Filtering disables selection for parent that does not pass the filter. CTRL+A to select all.
Added one more frame to animated image to be able to loop. Also put a higher frame than maximum loop the animation. (animation of 5 frames if you put a key with frame 0 and a key with frame 10 it will loop 2 times)
Improved animation, with second/frame unit switch and rescale length with keys.
Better display of the errors especially when exporting files.
Compare tool is not longer a tool so it can be enabled with any tools.
Replaced mask for lines by colors line, to display a line between two colors.

Bug fixes

Bug Ref
Fix resource reloads during multi selection. Link
Fix wrong timeline when importing animated image. (wrong number of images for export) Link

New Roadmap

Import rigged 3D models with animations.
Inverse kinematics.
Bone mesh deformation.
Ability to save and load animation.
Tools and objects
Gradient with easing function.
Particles and fluids.
More pixel-art oriented resampler.

Polish line and internal edges.
Importation & Export
Import 3D formats FBX, DAE, GLTF.
Import 2D formats Aseprite, PSD.

Export separated layers.

Export different views as normal and depth.
Lighter project type. To batch pixelates files without any transformation.
Available features but could be improved.
New available features added with this version.

If you see bugs or want to propose features, you can do it at the community, thank you !


PixelOver demo 0.8.3 Windows 15 MB
Jan 26, 2022
PixelOver demo 0.8.3 Mac 21 MB
Jan 26, 2022
PixelOver demo 0.8.3 Linux 18 MB
Jan 26, 2022
PixelOver 0.8.3 Windows 15 MB
Jan 26, 2022
PixelOver 0.8.3 Mac 21 MB
Jan 26, 2022
PixelOver 0.8.3 Linux 18 MB
Jan 26, 2022

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