A set of elements to make a complete HUD and menus. For personal and commercial use, credit is apreciated but not necessary. You can modify the assets for your needs but not distribute them.

To preview this asset, you have access to a Godot demo with a complete HUD with useful functionalities as a menu with keybinding for your game (Support keyboard, mouse and joy).


Godot demo with sources (You can get a free demo without the sources)

  • HUD example
  • Menu example
  • Keybinding (works with godot input map)
  • Config file
  • And all the elements to try them
  • A Godot gui theme to set up your theme instantly


  • 9-patch, margin (5 left,5 right, 6 top, 7 bottom)
  • Regular, size (64x32)
  • Long, size (96x32)
  • Arrow button, size (32x32)
  • Check button, size (64x32)
    • Box
    • Radio
  • HUD buttons
    • One-side skewed, size (48x32)
    • skewed, size (64x32)
  • Skewed, size (201x50)
  • Long one-side skewed, size (241x52)
  • States : Normal, pressed, disabled, hover, focus


  • Skewed
  • Rectangular (normal, on, off)
    • convex
    • concave

Range bar, slider

  • Empty bar, 9-path margin(1,1,2,1) or size (120x16)
  • Progress bar, 9-path and size (120x16)
  • Grabber on and off, size (16x16)

Icons, size (~20x20)

  • Hamburger menu, Inventory, Settings, Close, Arrow (each direction), Double Arrow, File, Folder, Hide, Minus, Plus, Refresh, Resize, Size reset, Snap
  • Keys for keybinding
    • Joys keys and axes
    • Virtual buttons for mobile

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I could improve it if you see something missing or wrong.

My twitter  @deakcor

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Tags2D, Cyberpunk, Futuristic, Godot, Graphical User Interface (GUI), hud, menu, Pixel Art, Sci-fi, theme


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Just bought this. It works in Godot 3.5, but I can't get it to import into Godot 4.2

Yes it was made for Godot 3.x. I'll have a look if it could be updated to Godot 4.x

Hi there! Could you include a license with your asset pack? I recently purchased and want to know if I can publish with it. Thank you!

Hi, thank you ! Ok, I'll update with a license. And sure you can use these assets in your personal or commercial projects.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you! Fantastic asset pack btw. Very nice that you have it in godot!

Hey, is it only for Godot or for RPG Maker also? im new :)

Hey, quite hard to say because I don't really know how rpg maker can be modified. But no it's not for for Godot only. I give all the images to recreate the hud but I also give a Godot theme so for Godot users it's easier yes.


Hi there! You did a great job with that asset pack I really like your style. I've already integrated some parts into a new project of mine and it works flawless so far :)

Hi thank you for your feedback ! Don't hesitate to share some screenshots if you want should be nice to see how you integrated them :D


I will :)

quick note: it seems you forgot an get_tree().set_pause(false) within the first condition of the _leaflet (Hud.gd) function. I had the problem that everything was frozen after closing the menu (I've just used the hud and menu scene so far).

My bad, I will fix that, thank you for reporting it to me !


Hello! Beautiful asset pack. Where can I get the Godot demo?

Hello, thank you. The assets and the source code of the demo are packed in the same zip.


I really like this asset pack as it is very rare to see Godot themes, I hope you do some more. One thing that would be very nice though is if you were to put your theme(s) in some sort of organized folder strucuture. I would suggest something like:

res://Deakcor/FuturisticTheme/<all files here>

That would make it very easy to copy your theme to different projects without conflicts and also if you do release more theme packs later when copied into the same project there would be no conflicts.

As it stands I ended up having to open your godot project, copy the theme and all files to some subfolder so godot would update references (fonts didnt work), copy over the fonts and update references, then copy it into my own project.

Hi, thank you for your feedback and nice suggestion. I will make an update for that.