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I hated you triying to leave the first island. I wanted to kill you when I saw where were the arm :-P

Challenging and good looking game ;-)

Thank you, I will update the game soon with bug fix :) 


My time was 619s .

I liked it.

Some things to note. The collisions were unclear, I would slide off some things and stick to other things. There was no  indication to when I could fire another ball to move, which made the movement a bit inconsistent. But I thought it was just difficult enough and short enough to stay fun!

Thank you! I will try to fix as many errors as possible after the end of the votes.

I would add that at one time in the level you couldn´t see what comes as next obstacle. Still fun, but those are the things, which made the game pretty frustrating.

the moving trunks?

Think so. I´m not 100 percent sure

OK thank you I will fix that too :) 

I will do some updates after the end of the gamejam

Y'a des bugs au niveau de l'eau, t'as dû le remarqué

j'ai commencé à 10h du mat et je l'ai rendu a 1h :]

T'es dieu