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bvb why spanish


Its isn't letting me do anything other than look at my Pokedex (which doesn't scroll) and re-arrange my Pokemon. Is there something I'm mising?

Yeah, click on the home button at the left of your screen (as you can see with the screen shots) You will display all the functionalities

I have, none of the buttons work other than the ones taking me to the Pokedex and Pokemon screens. Which option should I go for?

Loads up game (Chrashes) "thats pretty depressing."

I think I will delete the Html5 version ūüôĄ download the exe ver. 

Is there any way to make this compatible with the app? I want to add this to my library on there but can't.

This game is a trash, have a lot of bugs, and the lapras is imortal



Please add English quick because I cant play your game and It looks very fun


Hi, sorry I don't develop this game anymore. The game engine, that I used to do it, wasn't really adequate. But I develop a remake, full 3D. Both languages, English and French. Here a preview : 

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aonde posso ter o jogar desse jogo antes que a Nintendo tire do ar ??

Could you provide a link to the game once it's finished and/or has a demo?


its taking forever to load


Yeah sorry the game engine that I used didn't support so much a big quantity of images HD. The game must be rework entirely on an other game engine but I prefer to work on other projects :/

can there be a max of 12 characters? i want to fit "Kuronicle" in it but its 9 characters, so i can only fit "Kuronicl"
can you please fix :(

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Oh sorry I stopped the développement of this game I will change your name on the data base ^^

Edit : I don't find you :/ it's Kuronicl your name yet? 

nope its not set yet, i'll set it right now. ^-^

and can you possibly do an english version / translation. because i cant understand what any of these says. ;-;
just changing all the text to english will be good, aswell as adding an option to set it to english or.. whatever your language is, spanish? :P
anyway i hope this helps for FINAL development.

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I don't think there will be a final d√©veloppement ^^ all the game must be re coded because the actual engine that I use didn't support a big project. And I did a lot of mistake (for example I didn't think about multiple langage) My next games I think about that now. 

Edit : anyway your name is OK now (but he can overflow somewhere) enjoy ^^

Is there a patch I can download for translations to English? :)


Not yes really sorry, soon I will translate and make a choice of language in the menu

it wont lanch for my

Apk, Exe or gamejolt version ?